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Müsing Bows of Germany

Müsing Bows: Affordable, lightweight, responsive and effortlessly easy to play. All of the resilience and flexibility of highly engineered low resin carbon fibre yet delivering the sound quality of the finest of traditional wooden bows.
Müsing Bows are supplied with a fifteen year warranty that is transferable between owners.

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Müsing Bows

The New Family of High Performance Bows

‘With the arrival of the Müsing bows, a new era in bow making has begun. At a time when the supply of Pernambuco is rapidly declining and modern string technology requires improved strength and agility in bows we have developed an all new technology to produce bows from 3D-woven carbon fibre that play effortlessly, sound fantastic, are reliable and durable and do not cost a fortune.
All Müsing bows are made entirely in Germany from the finest materials and with great attention to every detail such as metal bearings and engravings.

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