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Shoulder Rests for Violin & Viola

The full range supplied by The Sound Post Ltd listed by brand for School & Student, Intermediate & Progressing & Professional Level instruments.
shoulder rest brands

Bon Musica Shoulder Rests

Features a hooked end that grabs the shoulder and prevents the instrument from sliding forward. Made of metal that can be shaped for a custom fit.

Bon Musica

VA001 4/4,3/4,1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16
AA001 19.5,19,17.5,17,16.5,16, 15.5,15″
Wide range of sizes.

Everest Shoulder Rests

High grade ABS for extra strength and flexibility. Virtually unbreakable. Improved neoprene foam material and adhesive for durability. Ergonomically engineered fixed tilt with adjustable width and height. Patent pending ‘grippers’. No skid and wear resistant.

Everest Shoulder Rests

VA100 Standard Black Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA100 Standard Black Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Blue

VA110 Standard Blue Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA110 Standard Blue Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Hot Pink

VA112 Standard Hot Pink Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA112 Standard Hot Pink Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Titanium

VA115 Standard Titanium Silver Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA115 Standard Titanium Silver Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Neon Green

VA117 Standard Neon Green Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA117 Standard Neon Green Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Orange

VA114 Standard Orange Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA114 Standard Orange Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Collapsible

VA101 Everest Collapsible for Violin
Black, Hot Pink & Purple

Everest Shoulder Rest Purple

VA111 Standard Purple Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA111 Standard Purple Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Light Pink

VA113 Standard Light Pink Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA113 Standard Light Pink Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Charcoal

VA116 Standard Charcoal Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA116 Standard Charcoal Viola

Everest Shoulder Rest Red

VA118 Standard Red Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2, 1/4
AA118 Standard Red Viola

Kun Shoulder Rests

Kun: Long established as setting the standard for both students and professional. All models have same basic pad shape, and are adjustable for width and height.

Kun Original Shoulder Rest

VA013 Violin
4/4, 3/4-1/2,1/4-1/8
AA013 Viola

Kun Mini Coloured Rests

VA017-20 Kun Original
Rest Mini 1/4-1/8
Red, Blue, Green.

The New Kun SOLO (TM)

A simplified, quick-adjust finger lever provides ultra-fine size adjustment and eliminates screws.

Greater width on the shoulder end gives the Solo added comfort.

A new collapsing mechanism with recessed and integrated drums means its ‘feet’ can be folded easily for storage.

Cut-outs in the Solo’s sponge rubber enhance its grip on the player’s shoulder and ensure air flow around the shoulder and neck.

Kun Shoulder Rest Collapsible

VA015 Violin
4/4, 3/4-1/2
(1/4 Collapsible Mini Brown, Red, Blue, Purple, Green)

Kun Bravo Shoulder Rest

VA021 Bravo Violin 4/4
AA021 Bravo viola

Kun Super Shoulder Rest

VA014 Super Violin
4/4 & 3/4-1/2
AA014 Super Viola

Kun Voce Shoulder Rest

VA022 Kun Voce
Carbon fibre 4/4

Wolf Shoulder Rests

The Primo rest is a straight shape and the Secondo is the contoured model. Both can be formed for a custom fit because of the flexible Aluminum backing to the pad.

Wolf Forte Secondo Shoulder Rest

VA032 Violin
4/4-3/4, 1/2-1/4,1/8-1/16
AA032 Viola

Wolf Forte Primo Shoulder Rest

VA031 Violin
AA031 Viola

Wittner Shoulder Rests

Multi-adjustable comfort system featuring minimal contact contact with the instrument.

Wittner ISNY Shoulder Rest

Multi-adjustable comfort system featuring minimal contact with the instrument. 4/4.

Pirastro Shoulder Rests

Outstanding response & maximum projection through a revolutionary patented attachment system.
Pirastro Korfker Cradle
Pirastro Korfker Rest

Korfker Cradle System & Rest

pirastro logo


P7000-00 Korfker Cradle System
Lets your instrument sound with maximum freedom. Will not fall or slide off the violin. Bends to precisely fit your shoulder.

P7000-10 Korfker Shoulder Rest
Adjustable to each individual by bending. Lets your instrument sound freely. Featherlight construction in highest quality maple.

From Pirastro Strings. Please visit the Pirastro microsite (new window)

Shoulder Rest Spare Parts

We carry a range of component parts for our shoulder rest brands as supplied.

Foam Pad

H9460 Supersensitive standard elasticated foam pad shoulder rest.

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