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General Accessories

For Bowed String Instruments A to Z

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A Amplification

Supersensitive Sensor

H9200 Acoustic Pickup with 3m Cable, 1¼” Jack & Fixing Putty
H9210 Acoustic Pickup with 3m Cable, 1¼” Jack, Fixing Putty Plus Volume Switch

Realist Copperhead

DBSB1 The original transparent piezo pickup from David Gage for double bass positioned under the foot of the bridge. Beaten copper laminate pickup. Cello option: DCC1.

Realist Woodtone

DBSWB1 Same configuration & unit as Copperhead but with pickup finished with a wooden laminate as an aesthetic option to blend with instrument.

Realist Lifeline

DBLL1 Alternate ‘Realist’ system with bass spade contact locking into an adjustable bridge fitting. Main unit as per other options with standard jack output to PA/amp input.

Realist for Violin/Viola

DVNQT Realist for Violin &
DAOQT Realist for Viola with 1/4” standard jack fitting.
DVNMN Realist for Violin
DAOMN Realist for Viola. Smaller sizes with 1/8” mini jack fitting.

Realist SoundClip

Bass DBSC & Cello DCSC
Clamps onto the bridge of any bass or cello without marking or damaging. Volume control & a variable weight system helps contour tone. Portable option complete with carry pouch.

Realist Docking Station

DBLL1 Alternate ‘Realist’ system with bass spade contact locking into an adjustable bridge fitting. Main unit as per other options with standard jack output to PA/amp input.

B Bass Wheels, Batons, Bow Hair

Solid Bass Wheel

BA125 Bass Transport Solid Wheel
BA126 Bass Transport Solid Wheel with Brake
Designed to fit into endpin socket. Metal shaft locks into place using existing fitting. Diameter: 10mm 3/8”

Pneumatic Bass Wheel

BA016 Xeros Bass Wheel Pneumatic Tyre with Schrader Valve. Designed to fit into endpin socket diameter:
BA016-10.0 Size 10mm 3/8”
BA016-12.7 Size 12.7mm 1/2”
BA016-8.0 Size 8mm 5/16”

Batons -Conductor

UTA001 Pencil Baton 13” UTA002 Small Teardrop 13”
UTA003 Large Teardrop 15” UTA004 Pear 15”

Bow Hair

UA040 Premium Mongolian Bow Hair 500g* A Grade
UA045 Standard Mongolian Bow Hair 500g* B Grade
*Lighter weights to order. Circa 50g

B Bass Bow Quivers

Glasser Bass Bow Quiver

BA124 Glasser Bass Bow Quiver. Man made fabric in black.

Leather British Made

BA020 Black Leather Bass Bow Quiver
BA021 Brown Leather Bass Bow Quiver

Leather Bass Bow Quivers

BA022 Black Leather Bass Slim Bow Quiver
BA023 Brown Leather Bass Slim Bow Quiver

C Cleaners, Cloths & Lubricants

Hidersol Instrument Cleaner

R041 Hidersol instrument cleaner.

Hill Instrument Cleaner

R042 Hill instrument cleaner.

Pirastro String Oil

P9129 Pirastro string oil.

Royal Oak Cleaner

L901-11 Royal Oak Cleaner

Hill Peg Paste

R040 Hill peg paste.

Instrument Polish

H9221 Economy Supersensitive general instrument polish.

Polishing Cloths

H9447 Supersensitive cloth
KPW-PC2 Planet Waves treated & untreated cloths
KPW-MPC Planet Waves microfibre cloth

E Endpin Stops -Cello & Bass

Supersensitive Stoppin

Non-slip, textured rubber.
H9454 Clear Stoppin rubber
H9455-58 Green, blue, Black Stoppin
H9452 Clear Stoppin rubber small.

Dycem Black Hole

CA050 Black composite non-slip endpin stop

Xeros Cello & Bass Stops

Adjustable strap secured to chair leg
CA015 Xeros Cello
BA015 Xeros Bass

Wooden Stop

Selectable & adjustable chair leg fitting with adjustable cups for endpin.

Single Chair Leg Stop

CA007 Cello. Single chair leg. Adjustable strap with chair fitting & metal spike cup. Plastic O ring secures to a single chair leg with strap length determining spike position.

Double Chair Leg Wire Stop

CA009 Cello. Double chair legs. Wooden block with fold out wire retainers designed to attach to a pair of chair legs. The block has a range of spike positions with a screw fitting metal cup to armour the chosen setting.

Banners Stop Non-Slip

CA170 Black endpin stop in metal with non-slip base.

H Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Trophy Humidifiers

Soft latex aerated hose with absorbent core designed to be positioned inside instrument when instrument not in use.
VA040 Trophy Violin CA040 Trophy Cello BA040 Trophy Bass

Stretto Humidifier Violin

VA046 Stretto Violin/Viola Humidifier
VA047 Stretto Violin/Viola Humidifier + Hygrometer
VA048 Stretto Violin/Viola Humidifier Spare Bags (4)
VA049 Stretto Violin/Viola/Cello Hygrometer

Stretto Humidifiers (Cello)

CA046 Stretto Cello Humidifier
CA047 Stretto Cello Humidifier + Hygrometer
CA048 Stretto Cello Humidifier Spare Bags (4)

Stretto Dehumidifier

VA044 Stretto ‘Rubingel’ Re-usable Desiccant Sealed Pouch

M Mutes

Wooden Flat Mute

VTME26-4/4 Violin Mute Ebony Flat 4/4
VTMR26-4/4 Violin Mute Rose Flat 4/4
ATME26 Viola Mute Ebony Flat
ATMR26 Viola Mute Rose Flat

Wooden Curved Mute

VTME27-4/4 Violin Mute Ebony Curved 4/4
VTMR27-4/4 Violin Mute Rose Curved 4/4
ATME27 Viola Mute Ebony Curved
ATMR27 Viola Mute Rose Curved

Supersensitive Spector

Can be moved from On & Off position held by A & D at bridge
H9491/9493 Supersensitive Spector Mute in copper or black

Tourte Mute

VA042 Violin Tourte Mute Round
VA043 Violin Tourte Mute Shaped
AA042 Viola Tourte Mute Round
CA042 Cello Tourte Mute Round
BA042 Bass Tourte Mute Round

Heifetz Mute

The Heifetz mute allows the adjustment of the muting effect by sliding the metal tension clip down or up. VA010 The Heifetz Mute

Bech Magnetic Mute

VA098 Bech Magnetic Mute Violin/Viola
CA098 Bech Magnetic Mute Cello

Roth Sihon Mute

VA099 Roth Sihon Wire Mute Violin
AA099 Roth Sihon Wire Mute Viola
CA099 Roth Sihon Wire Mute Cello
BA099 Roth Sihon Wire Mute Bass

Ultra Mute

VA097 Ultra Rubber Violin Practice Mute
AA097 Ultra Rubber Viola Practice Mute
CA097 Ultra Rubber Cello Practice Mute
BA097 Ultra Rubber Bass Practice Mute (No Wire)

Tonewolf Barrel Mute

VA139 Tonewolf metal mute. Nickel plated.

Metal Comb Mutes

VA165 4 Prong Violin Mute Chrome
CA165 4 Prong Cello Mute Chrome

Metal Mute

VA038 3 Prong Brass Violin Mute
CA036 3 Prong Brass Cello Mute

M Metronomes -Wittner

Metronome Large

UA001 Large Wittner Mahogany Effect
UA002 Large Wittner Black

Metronome Medium Wittner

UA010 Taktell Piccolo Black

Metronome Mini Wittner

UA020 Taktell Super-Mini

S String Adjusters

Wittner Nickel

VA080-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Violin Nickel
AA080 Wittner String Adjuster Viola Nickel

Wittner Black

VA081-1/2 Wittner String Adjuster Violin Black/Black 1/2
VA081-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Violin Black/Black 4/4
AA081 Wittner Viola String Adjuster Black/Black
CA081-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Cello Black/Black 4/4 – 1/2

Wittner Black/Gold

VA082-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Violin Black/Gold 4/4 AA082 Wittner Viola String Adjuster Black/Gold CA082-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Cello Black/Gold 4/4

Wittner Tension Model

VA083-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Violin Tension Model Nickel 4/4

Wittner English Model

VA084-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Violin English Black 4/4
VA085-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Violin English Black/Gold 4/4

Wittner Gut

VA086-4/4 Wittner String Adjuster Violin Black (For Gut) 4/4
VA086-1/2 Wittner String Adjuster Violin Black (For Gut) 1/2
AA086 Wittner String Adjuster Viola Black (For Gut)

Standard Adjuster

A023 Violin Nickel 4/4
A024 Black 4/4, 1/2-1/4
A025 Black/Gold 4/4

S String Protectors/Tubes T Teaching & Tuning

String Protectors

VA087-4/4 Wittner String Protectors for E Strings

String Tubes

P9151 Clear Plastic Tubes Violin 15mm
P9152 Clear Plastic Tubes Viola 15mm
P9153 Clear Plastic Tubes Violin 5mm
P9154 Clear Plastic Tubes Viola 5mm

Tone Shaper Bow Guide

H9453 Supersensitive Tone Shaper
The Tone Shaper was developed by string educator, Dennis Leogrande, to assist students to produce a straight bowing technique.

Bowmaster Finger Guide

H9480-84 Supersensitive Bow Master
Black rubber guide for correct finger placement. Remove frog & slide into position as illustrated.
Available in small/medium/large.

Tuning Fork

VA050 Tuning Fork
Traditional ‘chromed’ metal fork with lanyard & pouch. Tuned to A 440 Hz

Planet Waves Tuner

KPWCT-14 Planet Waves NS Micro with metronome. Fits to violin body.

V Varigrip Exerciser W Wolf note Eliminators

Varigrip Exerciser

Varigrip Exerciser –variable resistance for fingers

Powergrip Exerciser Ball

KPW-DFP-01 Dynaflex Pro-Exerciser –powerball

Supersensitive Wolf Note

H9450 Wolf-B-Gone® Wolf Tone Eliminator Violin & Viola
H9451 Wolf-B-Gone® Wolf Tone Eliminator Cello & Bass

Standard Wolf Note

CA044 Standard Cello Wolf Eliminator


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