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Rosins for Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass


The full range supplied by The Sound Post Ltd listed by brand for School & Student, Intermediate & Progressing & Professional Level instruments.
rosin brands

D'Addario Rosin

Artcraft rosin is manufactured using the original recipe handed down from Ladislav Kaplan. Available in light and dark. Kaplan Premium Rosin is formulated using the original Kaplan recipe, which produces less dust, helping to keep the instrument cleaner.

D'Addario Kaplan

KKRD L/D Premium Light/Dark

D'Addario Artcraft

KKACR6-L/7-D Artcraft Light/Dark

D’Addario Natural

KVR200/300 Natural Light/Dark

Gustave Bernadel

Gustave Bernardel Rosin is an all-purpose violin, viola and cello rosin which is popular with both amateur and professional string players.

Gustave Bernadel

M5001 Gustave Bernadel


Highly popular premium made rosins. Hidersine rosin is a British made range of premium quality british made rosin suitable for all levels of both instrument and player.

Hidersine Junior

TR0012VJ Junior Rosin

Hidersine Bass

TRDB2 Original Bass

Hidersine Deluxe

TR006VDL/CDL Violin/Cello Deluxe

Hidersine AB1 & AB2

TR2062V/63C Violin/Cello AB1

New Packaging for 2017

As Individual Cakes

Available as Boxed Sets

Kolstein Bass

Smooth easy bowing in three grades pakaged with a protective silicone cup. R110 Kolstein Ultra Soft Bass/R111 Kolstein Ultra All Weather Bass/R112 Kolstein Ultra Hard Bass

Kolstein Bass

R11-012 Soft, Hard, All Weather

Larica Rosin (Liebenzeller)

Larica Rosin Premium grade rosin. A recent re-introduction, by popular demand, of the classic Liebenzeller formula.Featuring precious metal including meteorite iron. Larica ‘Metal’ Rosins have been produced by Seitz of Germany since 2008. Based upon the original Leibenzeller formula. Advertised as low dust and temperature/humidity tolerant.

Larica Gold

R071-74 Violin/Cello I/II/III/IV

Larica Silver

R077/78 Silver Violin/Viola I & II

Larica Irom Meteorite

R081/82 Meteorite Violin I & II

Larsen Strings Rosin

Larsen Rosin: Highest quality rosin and exclusively from The Sound Post Ltd in the UK. Larsen Strings of Denmark is internationally renowned as a premier manufacturer of bowed instrument strings.

Larsen Rosin

L999-122/23/21 Violin/Viola/Cello

Larsen Red

L999/131/32 Red Colour Violin/Cello

Melos Rosins

High quality, handmade rosin from Greece. One of the only producers to maintain the tradition of tapping colophony direct from living trees. Fresh as it gets and fresher still with manufacture restricted to small production runs.

Melos Baroque

R017/18/19 Treble/Tenor/Viol

Melos Funny/Sticky

R015/16 Funny Violin & Cello R038 Sticky Cello

Melos Mini

R024/25/26 Violin, Cello & Bass Light/Dark

Melos Violin Viola

R021/31 & R027/37 Violin/Viola Light/Dark

Melos Cello Bass

R022/32 & R023/33 Cello/Bass Light/Dark

Millant Deroux Rosins

Since 1884. Also popularly known as Cat Brand in the US and Far East markets. A premium French made rosin originated by Sebastian-August Deroux.

Millant Deroux

R003/4/5 Bass/Dark/Light

Millant-Deroux Jade

R024/25/26 Violin, Cello & Bass Light/Dark

Nyman & Carlsson

Specialist bass rosins from Sweden. Nyman is a medium hard to hard rosin predominantly used by orchestral players. Made in Sweden by the Nyman Hart family and similar to Carlsson Swedish made bass rosin.

Nyman Rosin

R050/51/52 Bass/Cello/Violin

Carlsson Bass

R053 Carlsson Bass

Pirastro Rosins

Long established German made brand. Product names largely largely relate to instrument and/or a specific brand of string. Also available in boxes of 12 at a discount excluding Piranito and Bass mittel.

Pirastro Olive Evah

P9001 Olive Evah

Pirastro Goldflex

P9006 Goldflex

Pirastro Cello

P9011 Cello

Pirastro Eudoxa

P9002 Eudoxa

Pirastro Evah Gold

P9010 Evah Gold

Pirastro Cellisto

P9012 Cellisto

Pirastro Gold

P9003 Gold

Pirastro Tonica

P9008 Tonica

Pirastro Bass Mittel

P9022 Bass Mittel

Pirastro Schwarz

P9005 Black

Pirastro Obligato

P9009 Obligato

Pops' Rosin

Pops' is a viscous, easy to apply, bass rosin. Pops Premium Double Bass Rosin is made in the USA Pops and is popular as a soft and sticky, amber, bass rosin particularly suited to humid conditions.

Pop's Rosin

R080 Pop’s Bass Soft

Royal Oak

The familiar old favourite designed for the more frequent player.

Royal Oak Classic

L101-110/310 Classic Violin & Cello

Royal Oak Rosinio

L201-110/310 Rosinio Violin & Cello

Royal Oak Profi-Line

L301-110/310 Profi-Line Violin & Cello

William Sachow

'William Salchow began making rosin in his shop nearly 50 years ago. Not much has changed in the making of our rosin since then; the recipe remains the same but the reputation has grown.' Made in the USA.

William Sachow

R113/114 Light/Dark

Supersensitive Rosins

Clarity: Hypo-allergenic. Made from a synthetic hydrocarbon resin compound that substantially improves the properties of rosin producing a clear string response. Made in the USA.

Supersensitive Original

H911L Original Light H913 Mini Dark/Light

Supersensitive Bass

H9252/53 Summer & Winter Dark/Light

Supersensitive Clarity

H9250/51 Clarity Clear Violin/Viola/Cello

Supersensitive Clarity Violin

H9250+ Clarity Violin Red/Blue/Purple/Pink/Green

Supersensitive Cello

H9251+ Green/Blue/ Pink/Purple Coloured

Szigeti Rosin

Made in England. The 'Super Grip' dark rosin for all stringed instruments.


TR80S Szigeti Red Label

Rockin' Rosin

Fun shaped rosin packed in snazzy fabric & striped/polka dot 'hatbox' display boxes. Handcrafted in the USA in novel shapes from aliens to pizza slices and particularly appealling to the younger player. Labelled not for consumption. Made in the USA.

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