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Semi-Rigid & Soft Bags

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Soft Bags for Cello & Bass

Eastman Hybrid Cello Case - New for December 2022

CC007 Eastman Hybrid
CC007 Hybrid Black
CC007 Hybrid Red
CC007 Hybrid
CC007 Hybrid Blue

CC008 Eastman Hybrid Cello Case – due  December 2022

The Eastman Hybrid Cello case is made from compressed foam and offers the protection of a case with the affordability of a bag. Fabric-covered and contoured to the cello’s shape, our hybrid cases fill the gap between case and bag.

Available in 4/4 to 1/2 sizes, without wheels and in a choice of three colours, Black, Blue or Red.

Features: YKK zipper, 3 exterior handles, 2 bow holders, Accessory/Sheet Music pouch, Adjustable buckle neck strap, Backpack straps

Weight: 4.2kg

Semi-Rigid Cello Case

CC010 Semi-Rigid Cello Case

CC010 Semi-Rigid Cello Case

CC010 Semi-Rigid Cello Case (instrument for illustration)

CC010 Semi-Rigid Cello Case with Cello (illustration)

CC010 Semi-Rigid Cello Case
Semi-rigid, high-density foam construction

Semi-Rigid: Offering greater impact protection than a bag. Two internal bow holders, rucksack straps and a durable sure grip handle.
Weights & Sizes:
3/4: 3.5 Kg 1/2: 2.75 Kg 1/4: 2.5 Kg

IMPORTANT NOTE – Unfortunately the factory that makes these cases for us has closed down and we are unable to obtain further supplies of this case. We do still have some stock available as shown, but will not receive any more stock of these cases.

We have sourced an alternative case, being the CC008 EASTMAN HYBRID CELLO CASE  – We have these on order and are expecting stock to arrive circa  December 2022.

Cello Bags

Primavera Soft Cello Bag

Primavera Soft Cello Bag

Primavera Cello Bag with Instrument (instrument for illustration)

Primavera Soft Cello Case with Cello (illustration)

CC005/09 Primavera Cello Bags
Featuring High-Vis safety styling, carry straps, bow & accessory pockets.

CC005 Size 4/4 to 1/8
11mm thickness. Supplied with 90, 100 & 200 cello outfits.

CC009 Size 4/4 to 1/2
12 or 22mm thickness.

Bass Bags

Westbury Bass Bag

Westbury Bass Bag

Westbury Bass Bag with Bass (instrument for illustration)

Westbury Bass Bag with Bass (illustration)

Westbury Bass Bag BC001/2/3
With or without wheels option. Please also see bass wheels option in accessories section.

EIGHT Carrying Handles. Single carrying strap. Endpin, music & rosin pockets. With wheels option available.

BC001 12mm (4/4-1/8)
BC002 22mm (4/4-1/2)
Weight: 4.84 Kg
BC003 22mm (4/4-3/4) With wheels 4.94 Kg

Eastman Bass Bag

Eastman Bass Bag

Eastman Bass Bag with Bass (instrument for illustration)

Eastman Bass Bag with Bass (illustration)

Eastman Bass Bag BC004
Available in 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8-1/10

Four carry handles and rucksack straps

Music, rosin and bow pocket



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