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The Sound Post Ltd. is the sole UK distributor for bam cases.

We stock a range of bam cases for Orchestral Bowed Stringed instruments, Guitar, Brass and Woodwind,  as well as accessories.



Here’s a selection of the BAM case styles but please visit the BAM website or The Sound Post online order system to view the current range of cases available.


BAM Peak Performance

BAM Softpack

BAM Saint Germain

BAM Signature

BAM Etoile

BAM Classic

BAM New Trekking

BAM Panther

BAM Cube Ltd. Edition


BAM Hightech

BAM Submarine Hoodies

BAM L'Opera

BAM Hightech Slim

BAM Cabine

BAM Hoody

BAM Stylus

BAM Trekking

BAM Shadow

Paris Ltd. Edition


Explore the Range


Explore the Range


Explore the Range


Explore the Range

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