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BAM SAS is delighted to announce the appointment of The Sound Post Ltd as its new Distributor for the
UK. In the first instance they will be stocking cases not just for Orchestral Bowed Stringed instruments
but also for Brass and Woodwind instruments, as well as accessories.

“For the past few years we have made great strides in not only developing our traditional range of cases,
but also venturing into more modern and stylish designs. With Brexit and the challenges that brings, dis-
tribution between the EU and the UK has changed. We are confident that together with the team at The
Sound Post we can improve on the service we offer to our customers and deliver the best cases in the
Robert Goetz: CEO BAM Group of Companies

For existing customers of The Sound Post, the BAM portfolio of cases and accessories is a major addition
to our catalogue. All BAM products are now listed on our Online Ordering System and orders can be
taken from today. Our first shipment from France will be with us in the autumn.
For existing BAM customers, you may choose to either continue dealing directly with BAM or contact
The Sound Post to see whether their service is appropriate for you.
“Dealers of BAM cases will benefit from the vastly increased stock holding, greater access to the full
product range as well as next day delivery for items in stock. This arrangement will be great news for those dealers who do not want the post-Brexit hassle of increased shipping costs or indeed the additional paperwork, all of which is included.  We at The Sound Post have the exciting opportunity to ensure that the product gets the widest possible distribution and benefit of our excellent customer service.”

Justin Wagstaff: Commercial Director

BAM Distribution letter