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D'Addario Strings

D’Addario is a major manufacturer of musical instrument strings based in the United States. The orchestral range caters for violin, viola, cello and double or upright bass. Please explore the extensive range available. 2019 Update.

D'Addario Ascente
D'Addario Ascente

Ascenté strings have been specifically designed to help players advance their craft with elegance and consistency. Sets and singles. NEW for VIOLA (LMXXSM) for VIOLIN now from 4/4-1/16.


KA310 Ascenté Violin Set 4/4-1/16 M
KA311 Ascenté Violin E 4/4-1/16 M
KA312 Ascenté Violin A 4/4-1/16 M
KA313 Ascenté Violin D 4/4-1/16 M
KA314 Ascenté Violin G 4/4-1/16 M


KA410 Ascenté Viola Set
KA411 Ascenté Viola A
KA412 Ascenté Viola D
KA413 Ascenté Viola G
KA414 Ascenté Viola C

Viola sizes: LM(16″+)/MM(15″-16″)/SM(14″-15″)/XSM(13″-14″)/XXSM(12″-13″)

D'Addario Helicore

Helicore strings are crafted with a multi-stranded steel core, resulting in optimal playability while producing a clear, warm tone. NEW Cello Fourths-Tuning and Octave Violin Strings.


KH310 Helicore Violin Set 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KH310W Helicore Violin Set (aluminium wound E) 4/4 L/M/H
KHE310-5 Helicore Violin Set 5 String 4/4 M/H
KH311 Helicore Violin E 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KH311W Helicore Violin E (aluminium wound) 4/4 L/M/ H
KH312 Helicore Violin A 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KH312T Helicore Violin A (titanium) 4/4 M/H
KH313 Helicore Violin D 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KH314 Helicore Violin G 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KH315 Helicore Violin C 4/4 M/H

Octave Violin

KH350 Helicore Octave Violin Set 4/4 M2
KH351 Helicore Octave Violin E 4/4 M
KH352 Helicore Octave Violin A 4/4 M
KH353 Helicore Octave Violin D 4/4 M
KH354 Helicore Octave Violin G 4/4 M
Played one octave below traditional tuning


KH410 Helicore Viola Set XLM/LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KH411 Helicore Viola A XLM/LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KH412 Helicore Viola D XLM/LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KH413 Helicore Viola G XLM/LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KH414 Helicore Viola C XLM/LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KH415 Helicore Viola E LL/LM/LH


KH510 Helicore Cello Set 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/8 M
KH511 Helicore Cello A 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/8 M
KH512 Helicore Cello D 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/8 M
KH513 Helicore Cello G 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/8 M
KH514 Helicore Cello C 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/8 M
KH515 Helicore Cello E 4/4 M

KH550 Helicore Cello Fourths Set 4/4 M
KH551 Helicore Cello Fourths G 4/4 M
KH552 Helicore Cello Fourths D 4/4 M
KH553 Helicore Cello Fourths A 4/4 M
KH554 Helicore Cello Fourths E 4/4 M
Tuned one octave above bass tuning


KH610 Helicore Orchestral Bass Set 3/4 L/M/H. 1/2-1/10 M4
KH615 Helicore Orchestral Bass C-(Ext.E) 3/4 M
KH616 Helicore Orchestral Bass Low B 3/4 M
KHS610 Helicore Solo Bass Set 3/4 M4
KHH610 Helicore Hybrid Bass Set 3/4 L/M/H. 1/2 M
KHH615 Helicore Hybrid Bass C-(Ext.E) 3/4 M
KHH616 Helicore Hybrid Bass Low B 3/4 M
KHP610 Helicore Pizzicato Bass Set 3/4 L/M/H
KHP615 Helicore Pizzicato Bass C-(Ext.E) 3/4 M

KHH610 & KHP610 Singles available

D'Addario Kaplan Golden Spiral

Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo offers a wide variety of steel core E strings in 4 tensions. Gold plated E strings provide a rich sound. Kaplan Non-whistling E combats open E whistles and harmonics.

KK420B/L Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo E B/L 4/4 L/M/H/Extra-H
KK301W Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo E Loop (aluminium wound) 4/4 M
KK311GB/L Kaplan Gold E Ball/Loop 4/4 M (gold-plated)
KKS311W Kaplan Non-whistling E 4/4 M (aluminium wound)

D'Addario Kaplan Cello
Amo, Vivo, Forza

Amo (synthetic) warmth, richness and flexibility for brighter instruments. Vivo (synthetic) brilliance, clarity and a robust feel for darker instruments. Forza (stranded steel) higher level of clarity and tonal focus.


KKA310 Kaplan Amo Violin Set 4/4 L/M/H
KKA311 Kaplan Amo Violin E 4/4 L/M/H
KKA312 Kaplan Amo Violin A 4/4 L/M/H
KKA313 Kaplan Amo Violin D 4/4 L/M/H
KKA314 Kaplan Amo Violin G 4/4 L/M/H

KKV310 Kaplan Vivo Violin Set 4/4 L/M/H
KKV311 Kaplan Vivo Violin E 4/4 L/M/H
KKV312 Kaplan Vivo Violin A 4/4 L/M/H
KKV313 Kaplan Vivo Violin D 4/4 L/M/H
KKV314 Kaplan Vivo Violin G 4/4 L/M/H


KKA410 Kaplan Amo Viola Set LM, LH
KKV410 Kaplan Vivo Viola Set LM, LH
KK410 Kaplan Forza Viola Set LM/LH/MM/SM
Singles available for above
KKS411 Kaplan Solutions Viola A (solid steel-titanium) LM


KKS510 Kaplan Cello Set 4/4 L/M/H
KKS511 Kaplan Cello A 4/4 L/M/H
KKS512 Kaplan Cello D 4/4 L/M/H
KKS513 Kaplan Cello G 4/4 L/M/H
KKS514 Kaplan Cello C 4/4 L/M/H


KK610 Kaplan Double Bass Set 3/4 L/M/H
KK611 Kaplan Double Bass G 3/4 L/M/H
KK612 Kaplan Double Bass D 3/4 L/M/H
KK613 Kaplan Double Bass A 3/4 L/M/H
KK614 Kaplan Double Bass E 3/4 L/M/H
KK615 Kaplan Double Bass C-(Ext.E) 3/4 L/M/H

KKS610 Kaplan Solo Bass Set 3/4 M
KKS611 Kaplan Solo Bass A 3/4 M
KKS612 Kaplan Solo Bass E 3/4 M
KKS613 Kaplan Solo Bass B 3/4 M
KKS614 Kaplan Solo Bass F# 3/4 M
KKS615 Kaplan Solo Bass D-(Ext.F#) 3/4 M

KKSAA Kaplan Ball End Adapter (Pack of 5)
Fit ball to loop hook-type fine tuners.

D'Addario Electric Fiddle
NS Electric

Designed in partnership with Ned Steinberger, D’Addario NS Electric Strings are designed to enhance the expressive range of tone sought after by the most discerning players.


KNS310 NS Electric Violin Set
KNS315 NS Electric Violin Low C


KNS410 NS Electric Viola Set
KNS415 NS Electric Viola High E


KNS510 NS Electric Cello Set
KNS515 NS Electric Cello High E
KNS516 NS Electric Cello Low F

D'Addario Kaplan Solutions

An affordable, solid steel core string design. The educator’s preferred choice for student strings due to their unique blend of warm tone, durability and value.


KJ810 Prelude Violin Set 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KJ811 Prelude Violin E 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KJ812 Prelude Violin A 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KJ813 Prelude Violin D 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KJ814 Prelude Violin G 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M

KBO-TIN16 Prelude Violin Gift Set:
4/4 strings/NS Micro Tuner/Artcraft Light Rosin


KJ910 Prelude Viola Set LM/MM/SM/XSM
KJ911 Prelude Viola A LM/MM/SM/XSM
KJ912 Prelude Viola D LM/MM/SM/XSM
KJ913 Prelude Viola G LM/MM/SM/XSM
KJ914 Prelude Viola C LM/MM/SM/XSM


KJ1010 Prelude Cello Set 4/4-1/8 M
KJ1011 Prelude Cello A 4/4-1/8 M
KJ1012 Prelude Cello D 4/4-1/8 M
KJ1013 Prelude Cello G 4/4-1/8 M
KJ1014 Prelude Cello C 4/4-1/8 M


KJ610 Prelude Bass Set 3/4-1/8 M
KJ611 Prelude Bass G 3/4-1/8 M
KJ612 Prelude Bass D 3/4-1/8 M
KJ613 Prelude Bass A 3/4-1/8 M
KJ614 Prelude Bass E 3/4-1/8 M

Pro Arte Violin
Pro Arté

Pro-Arte strings are crafted with a nylon core to have a warm, round tone. They are durable, break in quickly and are stable in humidity and temperature changes.


KJ56 Pro Arte Violin Set (aluminium D) 4/4-1/16 M
KJ56W Pro Arte Violin Set (aluminium E) 4/4 M
KJ5601 Pro Arte Violin E 4/4-1/16 M
KJ5601W Pro Arte Violin E (wound aluminium) 4/4 M
KJ5602 Pro Arte Violin A 4/4-1/16 M
KJ5603 Pro Arte Violin D 4/4-1/16 M
KJ5604 Pro Arte Violin G 4/4-1/16 M


KJ58 Pro Arte Viola Set (aluminium D) LM/MM/SM
KJ5801 Pro Arte Viola A LM/MM/SM
KJ5802 Pro Arte Viola D (aluminium) LM/MM/SM
KJ5802S Pro Arte Viola D (silver) LM
KJ5803 Pro Arte Viola G LM/MM/SM
KJ5804 Pro Arte Viola C LM/MM/SM


KJ59 Pro Arte Cello Set 4/4-1/4 M
KJ5901 Pro Arte Cello A 4/4-1/4 M
KJ5902 Pro Arte Cello D 4/4-1/4 M
KJ5903 Pro Arte Cello G (silver) 4/4-1/4 M
KJ5903T Pro Arte Cello G (tungsten/silver) 4/4 M
KJ5904 Pro Arte Cello C (tungsten/silver) 4/4-1/4 M

D'Addario Zyex

Crafted with a highly refined Zyex synthetic core material, giving them a balanced, rich sound and excellent bow response. The Zyex core provides each string with pitch-stability and fast break-in time.


KDZ310A Zyex Violin Set (aluminium D) 4/4 L/M/H
KDZ310S Zyex Violin Set (silver D) 4/4 L/M/H
KDZ310 Zyex Violin Set 3/4-1/16 M
KDZ311 Zyex Violin E 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KDZ312 Zyex Violin A 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M
KDZ313A Zyex Violin D (aluminium) 4/4 L/M/H
KDZ313S Zyex Violin D (silver) 4/4 L/M/H
KDZ313 Zyex Violin D 3/4-1/16 M
KDZ314 Zyex Violin G 4/4 L/M/H. 3/4-1/16 M


KDZ410 Zyex Viola Set LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KDZ411 Zyex Viola A LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KDZ412 Zyex Viola D LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KDZ413 Zyex Viola G LL/LM/LH/MM/SM
KDZ414 Zyex Viola C LL/LM/LH/MM/SM


KDZ610 Zyex Bass Set 3/4 L/M
KDZ611 Zyex Bass G 3/4 L/M
KDZ612 Zyex Bass D 3/4 L/M
KDZ613 Zyex Bass A 3/4 L/M
KDZ614 Zyex Bass E 4/4-3/4 L/M
KDZ615 Zyex Bass C-(Ext.E) 3/4 L/M

D'Addario Kaplan

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