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Velvet double bass Garbo, Anima, Compas 360 and Compas 180 are constructed around a core of natural fibres, producing a sound (and feel to the player) which cannot be distinguished from more traditional pure gut strings.

Swiss innovation with windings, whether with copper or a synthetic material, reinforce the strings' warmth and richness of tone. Each type of string offers unique characteristics, providing an attractive solution for most playing applications.

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Velvet Compas 180 Bass Set 3/4
Velvet Compas 180 Bass Extension C
Velvet Compas 180 Bass Low C 3/4
Velvet Compas 180 Bass Low B Set 3/4
Velvet Compas 180 Bass Set Solo 3/4
Velvet Compas 180 Suit Bass Set 3/4
Velvet Compas 180 V Tuning Bass Set 3/4
Velvet Blue Bass Set 3/4
Velvet Garbo Bass Set 3/4
Velvet Anima Bass Set 3/4
Velvet Anima Bass Set Ext C 3/4
Velvet Anima Bass G 3/4
Velvet Anima Bass D 3/4
Velvet Anima Bass A 3/4
Velvet Anima Bass E 3/4
Velvet Tailpiece Cord 60cm Premium Design
Velvet Compass Cello Set

Velvet Garbo. Recommendation: Jazz Bass.

Garbo strings have the widest diameter and the highest proportion of silk core to copper winding of the velvet bass string sets. Providing big volume and a dark sound, these strings are the ones recommended for jazz and bluegrass pizz players. Tension is 25 kg per string.

Garbo light are ideal for slap techniques or for instruments with thinner tops that may need the lower tension at 23 Kg per string.

Garbo G gut is a set for those who would like a true gut G string. The G string is of high quality European made gut. The other 3 strings include a light D and regular A and E strings.

The silk core highlights the particular frequencies which enable the acoustic instrument to hold its own - even against drums. The sound is especially distinctive for the lower-middle frequency range, offering rich harmonics that are clear and assertive with the familiar "kick" as the note begins. Garbo strings can produce a fullness of tone and penetration which is simply unbeatable.

Velvet Anima. Recommendation: Jazz Bass Particularly Bowed.

Anima strings have a smaller diameter than the Garbo. They have more articulation, more sustain and respond better to the bow. These strings are Velvet's best seller among jazz bassists who also do some arco work. With a big volume, and warm sound, the Animas are not as dark as the Garbos.

Anima's thinner core ensures a rapid response for pizzicato and arco players alike. The strings produce a strong well-balanced sound with a rich bass and open **harmonic** range. Perfect definition and audibility in all registers makes them suitable for practically every application from Jazz to Baroque. Tension is 25kg per string.

Velvet Blue. Standard Multi-Purpose

The first synthetic core string from Velvet, which took 2 years to develop. Intended to be a more affordable string that still sounds like a velvet product, featuring great articulation, big volume, great sustain and equal tension on all 4 strings. The Blue set has it all - a bit brighter than the silk core sets, offering fast response and good volume - a string with a student price but professional sound --- tension per string 25kg (55 lbs)


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Velvet Compass. Classical string designed for orchestral tuning.

The use of up-to-date textile fibres makes the compas 180 strings particularly elastic, producing a full, rich, open sound. The pizzicato is strong with long sustain. The strings respond perfectly to the harmonics which are crystal clear. Compas 180 requires no change in playing technique, while opening up new possibilities in sound, tone and modulation. These are thinner strings (than the Anima and Garbo sets), very close in diameter to regular metal strings. The inox (a high quality stainless steel developed in Europe) (flat) winding (instead of the copper) provides an excellent surface to efficiently grab the bow for smooth action.

There are five formulations of Compass 180:
Standard set (26 kg per string, red top) for orchestral playing price list
Suit set (24 kg per string, black top) can be tuned in standard pitch and solo price list
Solo set (26 kg per string) for solo tuning only price list
Solo light set (24 kg per string) for solo tuning only price list
Fifths tuning (26 kg per string) (C-G-D-A) (octave below the cello)price list


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