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New from Pirastro Strings – Perpetual for Violin

Featuring the E in two thicknesses and the A in Synthetic/Alum or Steel/Chrome. New Perpetual delivers a more focussed sound with a warmer A and brighter G.

31A1-21 E Platinum Removable Ball End 26 Envelope
31A1-31 E Platinum Removable Ball End 26.7 Envelope
41A2-21 A Synthetic/Aluminum Mittel Envelope
31A2-21 A Steel/Chrome Steel Removable Ball End Mittel Envelope
41A3-21 D Synthetic/Silver Mittel Envelope
41A4-21 G Synthetic/Silver Mittel Envelope
41AO-21 SET Mittel Envelope 4/4

Published by Robert Pulvertaft