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Marco Raposo: Hand Made in Brazil from Sustainable Pernambuco

Each bow is hand signed and made with the same care that Marco has extended to the company’s ownership and management of sustainable forest and the recycling of old wood from previous agricultural enterprises.

From the Marco Raposo workshop high in the mountains of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, home of the Pernambuco, the Pau-Brasil. Established in 1995, the workshop manufactures the finest quality bows for violin, viola, cello and bass, for professionals and advanced students.

Marco Raposo Bows

Round and occasionally octagonal stick in selected Pernambuco with sterling silver or nickel mountings. With silver and occasionally simulated whalebone lapping. Weights vary but are recorded, along with the individual maker.

Pernambuco Nickel/Silver
Violin VB031 VB035 4/4 to 1/4 & 7/8 also available
Viola AB031 AB035 Full size
Cello CB031 CB035 4/4 to 1/4
Bass French BB031 BB035
Bass German BB032

Marco Raposo Personally Labelled by Maker
Marco Raposo VB031

Violin VB031

Marco Raposo VB035

Violin VB035

Marco Raposo AB031

Viola AB031

Marco Raposo AB035

Viola AB035

Marco Raposo CB031

Cello CB031

Marco Raposo CB035

Cello CB035

Marco Raposo BB031

Bass BB031

Marco Raposo BB032

Bass BB032


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